About The Computer Mouse

Welcome to The Computer Mouse. This site is my hobby. It’s for anyone who likes or wants to learn about computers. As a longtime computer enthusiast, I like to remind people of the fun you can have by owning a computer. We discuss free apps, offer Windows tips, and celebrate computers by blogging about them.

I invite you to write articles for the site. Some of the categories and tags here need more content. If you’d like to write something computer-related, let us know. If you like computers (or blogging) and want to be a part of the site somehow, please get in touch.

Our Contributors so far

We are a small and hopefully growing group. Here’s a quick intro to our contributors so far.

CJ Miller (Writer)

CJ Miller

‘As a lifelong gamer and computer enthusiast, I enjoy getting the most out of my hardware, peripherals, and games. Research is just a part of the process, and I love to share what I learn. I’ve fallen in love with the amazing world of blockchain and decentralized finance, and sharing my passion is an extremely rewarding experience for me.’

Grant Barker (Webmaster)

Grant Barker

‘I’m a longtime PC enthusiast. I love talking about computers and seeing other people enjoy theirs. I live in Japan as an English teacher (and vegetable farmer). When I’m not working or tinkering with this site, I enjoy playing Apex Legends.’

Do you like writing?

If you’re into computers, being online, or blogging and want to write some original and interesting content, let us know. We can introduce you here and give you an author page.

Keeping it real

On the premise that blogging is a journey, not a destination: As well as posting computer-related content, I’ll update you with any thoughts, steps, and technicalities experienced as I move forward with this site.

Be part of our Community

If you’re passionate about any topics here and want to join in any discussions, be sure to leave a comment. I like to reward regular and genuine contributors.


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Find out more about us

If you’d like to know more about any of us, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our respective email addresses above or the Contact page.

Don’t forget the Archives section

If you’ve come here looking for content from my old hobby site (egotistically named grantbarker.com), please see the Archives section. Older posts are periodically moved there.

AI robot symbol

We don’t use AI to write content

We don’t use AI to generate content. AI services seem to be taking off for people trying to push out as much content as possible for their blogging business. However, I prefer to create genuine content from the heart. After all, computers are a passion and talking about them, plus our blogging journey, is something we enjoy doing naturally.

Thanks for visiting The Computer Mouse

As visitors to this site, I hope you contribute by leaving comments. It all stems from enjoying computers. If you like building computers, helping people with computer maintenance, or just chatting about computers, we share something in common.

Thanks for your time,

Grant Barker (Webmaster)