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Hi, I’m Grant from the UK. This is a little intro about me. I’ve spent most of my life enjoying or working with computers in one way or another, and still do today. As a teenager, I started getting interested in computers with the Sinclair ZX81, and more so with the ZX Spectrum. I was an ICL mainframe operator working with VME around the time that Windows 95 was released.

My Microsoft Windows experience mostly stretched to playing Solitaire on night-shifts until I got roped into helping my blind friend Ian get set up at his home. From here, I learned to respect the whole computers can make lives easier thing. Jaws for Windows could speak to him, but he needed a reliable and straightforward way to get everything to work smoothly day in day out. The more he needed to guarantee things, the more I needed to check and learn. To describe what was happening on the screen or in the background, helped me to learn to explain things in physically understandable terms.

By 1998, I had been living in the US for a while and craved the opportunity to video chat with my parents. So I bought my first Windows PC. That was it for me! There were apps out there for everything! Customize this, modify that, your PC is better than mine, my download is faster than yours. This new online communicating thing was cool!

There were few rules back then. Everyone was sharing everything. To download the latest and greatest software to your PC was a matter of getting a cup of tea and waiting long enough to drink it.

By the time Windows XP was popular, I was firmly addicted to computers, had come to Japan to help out for a couple of months, enjoyed my role as the resident tech guy, and looked for something to keep me occupied while spending my planned days in the apartment here. About a year before YouTube, I stumbled across some video tutorials and became fascinated with the idea of learning Flash animation, ActionScript, Adobe GoLive, HTML, and CSS.

Long story short, I was hooked on computers and never looked back. When I’m not in schools or on Skype teaching English here in Japan, I’m usually on the PC. I love playing Apex Legends, too!!

This site was a project to create an online home of sorts and chat about computers with other enthusiasts. It has gone through a few changes over the years. I’m pretty design-challenged, so I eventually made the switch to WordPress. The aim now is to clean this place up, improve the posts, and be a better blogger. If you’d like to help out and write some content, let me know. I love communicating with everyone online, and I always enjoy talking about computers.

Grant Barker

Grant Barker - About me