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Apex Legends is free

Apex Legends

Have you tried playing the latest Battle Royale game – Apex Legends?

Updated for Season 4:
Respawn Entertainment/EA took the world by storm in February 2019, by introducing the Battle Royale game – Apex Legends. If you haven’t heard about Apex yet, which you can play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – you’ll find a lot of videos on YouTube. Apex Legends is free, too.

Truth be told, a guy like me (51) often gets annihilated by the younger players in Apex. It’s such an action-packed, immersive experience, though.. Just don’t get too stressed out!

To get in on the action – download Apex Legends from https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends and start playing!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been epic. I didn’t expect to get back into gaming, however, this game excited me enough to try to up my game, and even build a new PC. Apex is now in its 4th season. Each season brings with it more characters (Legends), weapons, updates, and treats.

I can’t recommend Apex enough for those who are into online multiplayer-gaming.

If you need to take a break, and get lost in a different reality, look no further. Apex Legends is free to play, too! Who wouldn’t recommend Apex?


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