Boy and baby brother

If you’re a complete beginner to Windows, or you’re just getting started with Windows 10, here are some Windows 10 tips to help you. These tips stem from questions received from people using a Windows device for the first time.Read More →

black keyboard

If you need to type special characters or symbols that you can’t find on the keyboard, such as £, $, ¥, ©, ½, etc., then, press Start and type Character Map.Read More →

Diary and fountain pen

Did you know that Windows 10 can calculate dates? The Date Calculation is a lesser-known function of the Windows 10 Calculator app. To find it, do a search for the app or action which you need to do. In this case we can press Start and begin to type `calculate’ or `calculator’.Read More →

desktop light

If you have trouble sleeping at night, or you suffer from the occasional eye ache or eye strain after using your PC for long periods of time, try using Windows 10’s Night light.Read More →

a computer technician

If you’re curious about Windows 10 maintenance, here are some Windows 10 maintenance tips using only Windows 10’s built-in maintenance tools (and Microsoft Edge extensions).Read More →