How to Type Special Characters in Windows

Windows Character Map icon

If you need to type special characters in Windows 11 / 10, or symbols that you can’t find on the keyboard, such as £, $, ¥, ©, ½, etc., then, press Start and type Character Map. Then, hit enter, or select Character Map from the list to open the Character Map.

Windows 10 tips for beginners

From there you can find the special character or symbol you are looking for, choose a font if necessary, and learn the keystroke to type that character. You can double-click the character to select it, then copy it using the copy button and paste the character into the document or app you are using.
(Copy and Paste can also be achieved by pressing Cntrl + C and Cntrl + V.)

How to Type Special Characters in Windows (emoji panel)

Update: You can now also type special characters or symbols via the Windows emoji panel. To open the emoji panel, press the Windows key on your keyboard plus the semicolon or period.

Windows + ; – Open emoji quick access panel
Windows key (Windows 10)plus sign; key


Windows + . – Open emoji quick access panel
Windows key (Windows 10)plus sign. key

Then click the symbols icon. The different symbols are shown in groups which you can show by clicking on the category icons at the bottom of the window.

Windows 10 emoji panel Windows 10 Symbols panel

As well as special characters or symbols, you can also access emoji and kaomoji in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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