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Clear browsing data – Quick tip

How to clear browsing data/browser cache/history

As content creators, we have to upload new information, change text, rearrange pages, show new images, fix typos, and so on. To check how the latest content appears online, and make sure that it replaces previous content correctly in the browser, we have to clear browsing data stored in the browser from before.

If you don’t clear browsing data (cache/history) before revisiting a site, the browser might just show you what it has stored in memory from the previous visit.

Access the browser’s clear data / clear history settings:

Press Ctrl + Shift + the delete key to open the browser’s clear data settings page:

Ctrl keyplusShift keyplusDelete key

This will open the appropriate window in the browser.

In Microsoft Edge the Clear browing data window looks like this:

Microsoft Edge - Clear browsing data

As shown above, you can see that Microsoft Edge has various files, images and history stored for later use.

In Google Chrome the Clear browsing data window looks like this:

Google Chrome - Clear browsing data

With Firefox the Clear All History window looks like this:

Firefox - Clear All History

In Opera, just like Chrome the Clear browsing data window looks like this:

Opera - Clear browsing data

Of course, the next step to clear the data/history is to choose the Time range, and check/tick the types of things to remove. I usually choose the Time range `Everything‘, and then choose to remove all items except Passwords – which I want my personal use PC to remember. If I was using a public PC or another person’s PC and I wanted to remove all browsing history, I would check/tick all items.

The final step is to click on the Clear Now or Clear data button.

Microsoft Edge - Clear data now button

After having done this, the next time you view a webpage online, you know that the browser is accessing and showing you the latest content, text, images and so on.


Automatically empty browser cache/history

If you want the browser to clear all data automatically, you can go into the browser settings and choose for the browser to empty the browser cache/history every time you close it:

In Microsoft Edge open the main menu (Alt + F) and choose Settings, then Privacy and services, and then Choose what to clear every time you close the browser.

Microsoft Edge - Choose what to clear every time you close the browser

On the next screen you can toggle on and off which items you’d like to clear.

Microsoft Edge - Clear browsing data on close

In Google Chrome this option has gotten to be a little more difficult to find. Press Alt + F to open the main menu. Go into Settings – Advanced – Privacy and security – Site Settings – Cookies and site data – and then toggle on Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome.

Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome

In Firefox press Alt + T to open the tools menu, then press O or click on Options, then Privacy & Security and then toggle Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed.

Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

In Opera press Alt + P to open the settings page. Then (just like Chrome) click on Advanced – Privacy & security – Site Settings – Cookies and site data, and then toggle Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera.

Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera


There you have it. Most browsers should have an option to clear the browsing data.

You can go here for a comprehensive list of web browsers for Windows, here for more Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts and here for more Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge.

Do you clear your browsing data? Do you have a quicker way of doing it? Let people know in the comments.

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