Date Calculator App for Windows

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How many years has it been? Do you need to calculate the amount of time between dates?

How many days have you been alive? Did you know that Windows 10 has a date calculator? The Date Calculation is a lesser-known function of the Windows 10 or Windows 11 Calculator app. To find it, do a search for the app or action which you need to do. In this case we can press Start and begin to type `calculate‘ or `calculator‘. This will bring up the Calculator app listing in Windows’ Best match list:

Best match: Calculator

If the calculator app is listed at the top of the list, you can press Enter to open it. If not, arrow up or down to it and then press Enter, or just click on it to open it.

Windows 10 Calculator highlighting Date Calculation option

Once the Calculator app opens, you will see that the Date Calculation option is the 4th one down in the Calculator options list. Clicking on Date Calculation will open up the Date calculator. Here you can choose `Difference between dates’ or `Add or subtract days’. I did a quick check of the difference between 01 January 1970 and 07 January 2019 and the result is 49 years and 6 days, or 17903 days!

Date Calculation in Windows 10 Calculator

Now you can calculate dates and let people know how many days they have been alive!

But that’s not all though! You might have noticed another Windows gem – the Converter? From within the same Calculator app you can also convert many different measurements, including up-to-date exchange rates.

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