How to Type Emoji in Windows 10

Windows 10 emoji panel

So the holiday season is drawing to a close 😒, and the new year meanders ahead with all of its untraveled twists and turns. Are you full of excitement for the potential of the unknown or completely uninspired by your potential?

Whatever your situation, why not reinvent yourself, show off your carefree spirit, and air your emotions and intent via Windows 10’s quick access emoji panel. The panel offers an abundant amount of hearts, frowning faces, hand gestures, and of course, plenty of poop to share with your friends and family.

To start this next step in your evolution, first, decide what kind of person you are. If you’re the cool and confident keyboard-shortcut kind, here’s some great advice:

Using a keyboard

Press the Windows key on your keyboard plus the semicolon or period.

Keyboard shortcut for Windows 10 Kaomoji / Emoji

Windows 10 emoji panel

This opens Windows 10’s emoji panel. From here, you can decide how best to go forward and which style of communication suits you.

(Please note: If for some reason the above emoji window doesn’t open, try right-clicking the taskbar and choosing `Show touch keyboard button’, and see if that helps.)

To truly test this next step in mankind’s modern communication, I first opened my email app. Once inside the app, I started typing a message of sheer joy to someone I loved. When it came to the emotional and difficult to express part, I quickly hit the Windows key and the semicolon on my keyboard.

Just as promised, the emoji panel popped up, offering a wealth of emotions just waiting to be expressed. I felt drawn somehow, so I clicked on the poop, and sure enough, it aligned with my message and plopped on the page. After this, it seemed easy, and there really is no limit to how deeply you can communicate in this way πŸ‘. Why not try it for yourself and see how you get on πŸ‘€.

Other ways to access the Windows 10 emoji panel:πŸ‘‰

If you prefer to use the mouse or even a touchscreen instead of the keyboard, please follow this next step to access your emoji in Windows 10.

Using a mouse

To open up the emoji panel, click on the small Touch keyboard icon, which shows down in the taskbar by the clock. (If you can’t see it, then right-click the taskbar and make sure that the show touch keyboard button is checked.)

Touch keyboard in taskbar - Windows 10

Clicking on the Touch keyboard icon will open up the Windows 10 Touch keyboard.

Windows 10 Touch keyboard

You can click on the smiley face (emoji) key to open up the Touch keyboard emoji panel.

Windows 10 Touch keyboard Emoji

Sure enough, from here, you can choose as many emojis as your heart desires. ❀


This was how to Type Emoji in Windows 10. Emoji have been around for a while in one shape or form. However, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update just recently brought with it this quick access emoji panel inside Windows 10. It does a good job of making it easier to access emoji within Windows 10 of course, and so doing so adds a touch of fun for those who, quite simply – like using emoji.


In the computer world, an emoji is a form of text which can be copied and pasted, and then they come alive as such when shown in the browser or another app. The word emoji comes from Japan, and E η΅΅ (pronounced Γ© as in edible) means picture, and Moji ζ–‡ε­— means character or text.

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