Firefox Quantum released by Mozilla

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Have you tried the latest and fastest version of Firefox?

Mozilla has released its latest version of Firefox, called Firefox Quantum. This is a significant release in the life of Firefox, and there are many changes.

First, Firefox Quantum’s speed is noticeably fast. It’s said to be twice as fast in fact, compared to Firefox from 6 months ago. The new cleaner UI (called Photon) has a more modern, simpler look, offers tons of customizations, and you’ll notice that the tabs are now rectangular and no longer rounded.

Mozilla claims that this lighter browser uses 30% less memory than Google’s Chrome.

As usual, Firefox Quantum remains open-source, is now even more customizable than ever, and I expect many people will make it their main browser of choice.

Firefox Quantum - Web browsers for Windows

Check out Mozilla’s video to see more. And see the official links below to get Firefox Quantum.

And don’t forget the Web browsers for Windows page.

It’s by far the biggest update we’ve had since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004, it’s just flat out better in every way. If you go and install it right now, you’ll immediately notice the difference, accompanied by a feeling of mild euphoria. If you’re curious about what we did, read on.  Mozilla blog

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