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Although you won’t find any unsightly random ads on this blog, we are proud to introduce you to our friends and affiliates. These are services or products we use to make our lives as computer enthusiasts and bloggers easier. They are introduced here in no particular order, and we only recommend products or services that we appreciate and use ourselves.

Let us introduce you to our friends and affiliates

1. Malwarebytes Premium

We can’t stop mentioning Malwarebytes on this site! As computer hobbyists and enthusiasts, we want to keep our computers safe and secure, so we install a second opinion anti-malware app.

We use Malwarebytes alongside our main internet security apps, and we can see it stopping bad connections in the background in real-time. If you want peace of mind or have any less tech-savvy family members or friends who are likely to click on any old link in any old email, get them a copy of Malwarebytes to keep them and their computers out of trouble!

Malwarebytes is available for Windows or Mac, and it’s a no-brainer.

Malwarebytes Premium 4.3.0

2. Fiverr Fiverr is the place to go to get professionals to do the work for you. When we started this blog, we soon realized that to build a community site; you need to work with the community to get things done right. Fiverr is the place to go to get professional work done for very reasonable prices.

For example, Chris, a professional video expert, helped us to edit our Building Computers video. And Esther, a legal professional, drafted our legal documents.

Fiverr - the place to get things done

Although we would like to be a jack of all trades, the reality is that there are people out there who specialize in their particular skills. Fiverr is where we go to find these people.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is our favorite tool for guaranteeing worry-free writing. It checks everything you write, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery. You can set your writing style and choose between American, British, Australian, or Canadian English. Whether you are emailing a friend, writing a blog post, or drafting a business letter, Grammarly keeps an eye on how you are sounding and offers advice to create the right tone for the occasion.

We can’t imagine not using Grammarly from here on out! Who doesn’t like clear, confident communication? Grammarly will let you know and help keep you on your game if you are not on the ball for your situation. No coffee required! You can use Grammarly with most apps, including email, WordPress, Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc. You can use Grammarly online, or you can download the desktop app.

Grammarly performance summary

Grammarly can also help you with choosing definitions and synonyms and even checking for plagiarism. It’s our favorite way to speed up our writing, and it’s like having another team member or proofreader at your side exactly when you need them. If writing or communication is important to you, check Grammarly out. Thank us later!

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress, which has helped to speed up this site. As we mentioned in our, Blogging is a journey article; as soon as we started using WP Rocket, we instantly saw page speed improvements. So, of course, we don’t want to stop using it.

page speed test

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Some of us have been using Adobe products for years! I still use the legacy Adobe Fireworks for most of my quick and simple image sizing and editing! Adobe provides us with the best creative software globally, from Photoshop and Illustrator for images to Premiere Pro for video. They also offer video tutorials to help you learn each app from their extensive collection.

Our video editor edited our Building Computers video in Premiere Pro. A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud gives us 24/7 access to all the professional content creation tools you could want. There are free content creation tools; however, you get all of the best tools in one collection with Adobe Creative Cloud. If content creation is your thing, Adobe Creative Cloud pays for itself.

Creative Cloud paint colors

Stay tuned

We will be adding a few more friends and affiliates to this page. As we said before, random intrusive ads are not what we want you to see on this site. We would, however, like to share our recommendations and must-haves when it comes to enjoying computers, being creative, and evolving online.

As for our evolution, please keep an eye on our article Blogging is a journey.

Thanks for reading

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