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How to type kaomoji in Windows 10

Along with typing emoji and special characters, you can also type kaomoji in Windows 10. Here’s how:

Using a keyboard

Press the Windows key on your keyboard plus the semicolon or period.

Win + ; – Open emoji quick access panel
Windows key (Windows 10)plus sign; key


Win + . – Open emoji quick access panel
Windows key (Windows 10)plus sign. key

This will open up the emoji panel. Then choose the middle icon to open the kaomoji selection.

Windows 10 emoji panel Windows 10 kaomoji panel

You can switch betweem the various groups of kaomoji by clicking the symbols at the bottom of the window.

Other ways to access the Windows 10 kaomoji panel:👉

If you prefer to use the mouse or even a touchscreen instead of the keyboard, try the following:

Using a mouse

To open up the kaomoji panel, click on the small Touch keyboard icon which shows down in the taskbar by the clock. (If you can’t see it, then right-click the taskbar and make sure that the `Show touch keyboard’ button is checked.)

Touch keyboard in taskbar - Windows 10

Clicking on the Touch keyboard icon will open up the Windows 10 Touch keyboard. Here you can click on the smiley face (emoji) key to open up the Touch keyboard emoji panel.

Windows 10 Touch keyboard

Then click on the kaomoji icon to open the kaomoji section. You can scroll through the kaomoji using the mouse wheel.

Windows 10 Touch keyboard Emoji

From here you can click on different kaomoji to print them into a document or app you are using. *_*

If you can’t find the kaomoji you are looking using the Touch keyboard, try the first method above using the quick access panel:

Win + ; – Open emoji quick access panel
Windows key (Windows 10)plus sign; key


In the computer world, a kaomoji is a group of text symbols that look like faces or expressions. The word kaomoji comes from Japan, and Kao 顔 means face, and Moji 文字 means character or text.

Emoji in Windows 10

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