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Microsoft Edge Insider program

Edge Insider 2021

Recently, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge will adopt the open-source Chromium engine:

For the past few years, Microsoft has meaningfully increased participation in the open-source software (OSS) community, becoming one of the world’s largest supporters of OSS projects. Today we’re announcing that we intend to adopt the Chromium open-source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers.  Joe Belfiore / Corporate Vice President, Windows

Microsoft Edge Insider program

Become a Microsoft Edge Insider / Beta tester

You might be interested to see how Edge starts to evolve from this point on. If so, you can sign up to be a Microsoft Edge Insider.

Hopefully, the program will begin soon and we can start to see how Edge will perform going forward. If you’re a web developer, then it should mean that results within Edge remain fairly consistent with other popular browsers like Chrome.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Edge’s development as usual, and you can also keep an eye on the Microsoft Edge blog for more news going forward:

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Are you interested in being a Microsoft Edge Insider? What do you think of Microsoft Edge?

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  1. bom dia gostaria de desvicular a minha conta da windows insider visto o meu computador nao ter capacidade para assumir o windows 11 agradeço desde ja vossa atençao na tentativa exaustiva de poderem encaixar esse famoso windows 11!. tenho imensa pena ficarei com a versao 10 21h1 ; mas que pelo menos possa ser atualizada nao havendo para tal entraves do windows 11 .Obrigado pela vossa atençao e esforço . Cumprimentos a toda a equipa insider Victor Marques

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