New Grammar Tools Added to Edge Canary

Edge Canary is the Insider version of the Microsoft Edge web browser that is updated daily. Microsoft has added Grammar tools to Edge Canary in the latest update. To access the Grammar tools, open a webpage (which has enough text) and enter the immersive reader, by clicking on the Enter immersive reader icon, or by pressing F9.

This will display the page content in the immersive reader mode. Here, you will see the newly added Grammar tools tab. Clicking on the Grammar tools tab, allows you to choose to highlight different parts of speech on the page, like the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and you can show their labels. You can also highlight the syllables.

You can change the text size to make it easier to read, by adjusting the controls via the Text preferences tab.

Text preferences tab in Edge Canary

You can also change the theme of the page more to your liking.

Adjust page theme (color)

The Canary Channel of Edge is updated daily, so you can get quick access to the latest functions and features. You can also download and use the Dev Channel which is updated weekly, or the Beta Channel which gets a major update every six weeks.

The latest version of Edge Canary was Version 82.0.453.0., as of this writing.
You can get it here: Insider versions of Edge


It will be great to see more new grammar tools added to Microsoft Edge soon. They can benefit many a student and teacher. To be able to translate words into your chosen language by merely hovering over them, would be an excellent learning function, too.

What are your thoughts?

Are you likely to use these grammar tools? Do you use Edge or a different web browser? Leave a comment, and let us know. Thanks for reading.

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