New Phone. Finally after 5 years!

After 5 years with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I have a new phone!

5 years with the same smartphone is quite a long time nowadays! I waited so long to upgrade because I wanted a high-end Windows Phone here in Japan, which never happened. (Microsoft failed to develop Windows Phone fast enough to compete with Android and iOS, and only mid-range Windows Phones reached these shores.)

Also, here I’m required to renew my visa annually, yet most phone companies are offering a 24-month contract. I was turned down at a couple of phone places. After talking to my carrier DoCoMo, with whom I had the Galaxy Note 2, it turns out that I needn’t have waited so long, so I now have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8! I have a new phone. Finally after 5 years!

My new phone! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with S View Cover

Here’s a picture from Samsung of the Galaxy Note 8, with the S View Cover (which I also bought).

I thought the old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did everything that I needed it to do (mostly work-related), but the Note 8, especially with the latest version of Android, is a real joy to use and I feel like a kid again with a new toy!


I won’t be rooting it this time. It doesn’t lack in any department for me at the moment (it’s fast enough), so I’ll leave it as it is for now.

I’m mostly excited because the Note 8 is great for work. I teach English conversation here in Japan, so I spend a lot of time in classrooms with groups or individuals. Being able to access Google or Cortana voice assistants, can be a fun and interactive way for us all to check speaking, spelling, pronunciation, and learn new words and phrases.

Google voice assistant, of course, comes with Android. I’m very much a Windows PC fan, too, so I wanted Microsoft’s Cortana on my phone as well. Being in the region of Japan, we can’t install Cortana here from Google Play, therefore we have to sideload Cortana onto our Android devices, which is what I did.

No Bixby

Unfortunately, Samsung’s Bixby Voice assistant isn’t available in Japan. I’m not entirely sure why. If you know of anyone in Japan who has it working, please let me know.

Anyway, I have a new Phone! Finally after 5 years!

Which phone have you most enjoyed?

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