Opera 51 Released

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Opera 51 has been released and is said to be 38% faster than Firefox Quantum

The web browser speed war continues with Opera releasing their latest version of the Opera browser (version 51).

We’re happy to introduce the stable version of Opera 51 today. Our new browser comes with internal and practical improvements to help you browse faster and more smoothly.

Opera blog


When tested in Speedometer 2.0, Opera shows to be 38% faster than the latest Firefox Quantum.

Opera Browser Vs Firefox Quantum - Speedomoter 2.0

Opera 51 also comes with a few nice new features.


You can easily make your desktop background into Opera’s wallpaper.

Opera Browser - Wallpapers

Video pop-out improvements

You can make videos pop out and play in a separate window. Clicking on the video title will close the separate window.

Opera Browser pop-out video

Click tab to scroll up or go back down

Clicking on a tab takes you to the top of the page or back to where you were on the page.

To learn about Opera’s other features, check out Opera.com or the Opera blog.

And don’t forget the Web browsers for Windows page to find other Windows browsers.

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