Guy wearing plastic gloves to avoid infection, on the train in Japan.

Masks and Plastic Gloves. You can never be too careful

Face masks

Here in Japan, it is normal for many people to wear a medical face mask if they have a cold, or especially hay fever.

With the recent reports of the Coronavirus, however, a lot more people than usual are wearing face masks. And although natural at times, they also prefer to sit away from each other.

Plastic gloves

Some people have started taking precautions a step further, and are now wearing plastic gloves, too! This gentleman is a recent example, seen standing on the train here in Tokyo. (Thanks K-san for the photos.)

Closeup of guy wearing plastic gloves to avoid infection, on the train in Japan.

Close to home

As an English teacher in Japan, some students are happy to shake hands at the end of a lesson. More recently, however, everyone is being encouraged to avoid the risk of infection as much as possible.

So, no shaking hands, of course (for most people), and we are also being asked to spray desks and chairs with disinfectant, after each and every lesson.

Many community centers have closed, and companies have introduced policies to stop inviting non-essential guests. So, many a teacher, sales professional, customer, etc., have had to cancel outside appointments until further notice.

Schools have been closed, so many working parents have to be at home to take care of their kids. At the same time, many places are encouraging their staff to work from home if possible.

Are people only wearing masks and plastic gloves in Japan?

How about where you are? Let us know and leave a comment.

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