ray-out Rubber Coating Shell Jacket – Review

Ray-out Rubber Coating shell Jacket for HTC Desire HD

A review of the ray-out rubber coating shell jacket, for the HTC Desire HD

The ray-out Rubber Coating Shell Jacket for the HTC Desire HD / SoftBank 001HT is a thin plastic shell, probably sprayed (on the outside) with a very thin layer of rubber.
It fits snuggly onto the Desire HD and helps the phone feel more secure in the hand. (I chose the matt black finish as opposed to a gloss black option.)

The gap at the top left side of the jacket makes it much easier to feel for the volume rocker.

The jacket doesn’t rise too high on either side of the screen, so the fingers are not noticeably restricted when swiping left and right, which is nice compared to a few covers or shells I’ve seen around in the stores.

Two things I don’t like

The jacket surrounding the camera lens doesn’t protrude further than the lens itself. Therefore when the phone is resting on its back – it is still resting on the phone’s camera lens frame and not the jacket.

Second, when rested on its back again – the phone is supported in the middle but tilts or rocks if the slightest pressure is applied to the left or right sides of the screen. So one-handed operation is out if you like to use it that way on your desk.

Not a full case

The truly observant among you will notice that this is not a full case. So if you like to throw your phone in your bag and get up and go, you might consider covering up the screen with something better than the included screen protector. This jacket is only a rear side scratch protector.

would buy another one (not red), but the decision to do so would be a cosmetic one as opposed to a phone security one.

The price was ¥ 1980. ($24. / £15. / € 17.5)

Close-up view of top of front top of product packing

Close-up side angle of screen demonstrating flush casing around screen

Overhead view of outside of empty case

Bottom edge close-up of empty case

Bottom edge close-up of phone with case
Overhead shot of Case in its packaging
Close-up of bottom section of product packaging and labels
View down the screen starting from the bottom, showing perspective of screen and case
Close-up shot of top edge of empty case
Overhead view of contents on desk without packaging
Closer view of contents on desk without packaging
Empty Red case next to phone with black case
Empty red case next to phone with black case with different lighting
Phone with red case next to empty black case
Close-up side top view of empty red case
Front top angled view of phone with red case in hand
Side perspective view of screen of phone with black case near empty red case
Empty red case lying on desk next to upturned phone with black case
Overhead view of Red case, then caseless phone, then black case
Close-up angle of top of phone with red case in hand

View of casing cutout around phone volume rocker

Empty red case lying on its back next to phone with black case also lying on its back

Empty red case lying on its back next to phone in black case lying on its front

Side angled shot of top of phone and its case

Perspective look down the phone in hand

Close-up of the bottom of the phone in black case

View showing the cutout for the volume rocker as seen from the other side of phone across the screen.

Close-up of rear and bottom section of phone with red case

Close-up shot of black casing around phone screen

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