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What is Microsoft Clarity?

MS Clarity is a web analytics tool to see how people interact with your website.

Edit: This is an old post. Since its release out of beta, we have introduced MS Clarity here.

Sign up for Clarity by Microsoft (Beta). Clarity is Microsoft’s new web development tool to help you see exactly how people interact with your website. It’s Microsoft’s version of Google Optimize. Clarity by Microsoft looks to be very promising and should help web developers finely tune their online content.

Here’s an intro video from the Bing team:

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Clarity, an analytics product that empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior at scale to make data-driven decisions on what exactly they should change and improve on their sites to optimize conversion, engagement, and retention. For this purpose, Clarity supports playback of how users interacted and used their websites. Clarity also has other typical functionalities such as heatmap and scroll map.

Bing (video description)

Some Clarity features:

  • Interesting sessions are automatically bubbled up based on Clarity’s AI and machine learning capabilities to help web developers review user sessions with abnormal click or scroll behavior, session length, JavaScript errors and more. Web developers can spend less time and gain more insight into their users focusing on the sessions that Clarity marks as most relevant.
  • Related sessions are a grouping of similar sessions that are recommended based on a single session. This feature allows web developers to quickly understand the scope of specific user behavior and find other occurrences for the same user as well as other users.
  • Heatmaps provide a view into user behavior at an aggregate level through click/touch and scroll heatmaps. Click/touch heatmap provides the distribution of user interactions across a webpage. Scroll heatmaps provide how far users scroll on your webpage.

Sign up

If you’re interested in trying Clarity, then sign up here:

I’m excited to try Clarity as soon as possible because it should help to improve this site, and see how people do or don’t interact with different content.

There seems to be a waiting list of sorts. I signed up and created a project (for this site) but haven’t heard back from them yet. Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

If you sign up, please let me know in the comments how you get on.

Have you signed up for Clarity by Microsoft?

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