SoftBank TPU Case – Review

SoftBank TPU case for HTC Desire HD

A review of the SoftBank TPU Case for the HTC Desire HD

The SoftBank TPU case for the HTC Desire HD (SoftBank 001HT) at first glance looks very similar to most other TPU cases, especially the Brighton Net TPU Case, reviewed earlier. (Although this sample is a different color.)

It fits the phone very well and instantly offers an adequate blend of protection and style, as you would expect from a well-designed TPU case.

Upon closer inspection, you can notice a few visual differences from the Brighton Net TPU case. Three of the photos here show two cases side by side. In each of these three photos, the case on the left is the Brighton Net one and the case on the right is the SoftBank one.

The SoftBank case folds over and covers a little more of the front top and bottom of the phone.

The surround around the Camera lens protrudes further out than the Brighton Net case suggesting a little more camera lens protection. (Too much protrusion would be ‘undesirable’ because it would cause the phone to rock when being used on its back on a desk.)

The cutout around the rear speaker on the SoftBank case is noticeably larger, which to me, is another nice reminder that this isn’t just another rebranded case.

The Wall around the screen looks identical in height, but it is slightly more angled which I noticed when swiping left and right and coming into contact with it. This is probably only noticeable coming from another case, and it is not an issue, just a different feeling.

The buttons on the phone are a little easier to feel for and to press with this SoftBank TPU case than the Brighton Net one.

The only small thing I don’t like after coming from the Brighton Net case is that on the SoftBank TPU case, the tiny join around the whole of the case is directly under the thumb when holding the phone. This might seem petty, but it is something I could feel which I couldn’t with the Brighton Net. Looking closer, I realize that Brighton Net made their join follow the angled apex of the edge of the phone and not the flat part. Again this is probably only noticeable coming from a different case.


All in all, it’s a fine TPU case, and it makes the Desire HD feel and look great. It fits snuggly too.

The price for this SoftBank TPU Case was
¥ 1980. ($24. / £14. / € 17.)

Horizontal top view of front of packaging/box

Rear of Box showing information

Information written on side edge of box/packaging
Empty Case lying on its back
View of Phone with case from front
View of empty case on its back
Side view to show that case covers and protects phone camera lens surround
Top Side view of phone with case lying on its front
Side front angle to show the minimal rise of case around the screen
Diagonal top view of empty case on its front
Side view showing Phone volume rocker viewable through case. You can also see the join around the centre of the side of the case
Close-up of top corners of Brighton Net and SoftBank TPU Cases lying side by side
Close-up above shot of camer lens inside case
Inside diagonal view of empty case
Close-up top left corner of phone with case
Top/Side view of Camera Lens, LEDs and Speaker
Flat perspective view along phone screen
Top Diagonal view of front of empty case

Inside view of empty case bottom

Inside diagonal view of the whole empty case

Top View showing Brighton Net TPU Case on the left and SoftBank TPU Case on the right

Phone with case lying on its front. View from above.

Close-up of Brighton Net and SoftBank TPU Cases side by side to demonstrate the differences in speaker cutout size

Close up of casing around earpiece or front speaker

Side angled view of adequate casing around camera lens

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