Brighton Net TPU Case – Review

Brighton-Net TPU Case for HTC Desire HD

A review of the Brighton Net TPU case for the HTC Desire HD

The Brighton Net TPU case for the HTC Desire HD / SoftBank 001HT seems to tick all of the boxes so far.

It’s a simple semi-transparent (there is a clear one) rubber jacket, and its dimensions are perfect for the Desire HD.
The case fits snuggly and securely onto the phone, wrapping over the front and sides without creating too much of a frame around the screen.

This means that it securely offers ample protection without restricting the fingers when swiping or pinching to zoom in or out, in either portrait or landscape mode.

When the phone is lying on its back – it is stable and grips the desk nicely, so one-handed use is a breeze, plus the jacket ever so slightly protrudes farther than the phone camera lens surround – so only the rubber jacket touches the desk and not the actual camera surround, as per some previously reviewed products. A welcome sound too when placing the device on a surface.

The power button and volume rocker aren’t too difficult to find or press once you have a few goes.

The ray-out Silky Touch Silicon Jacket is (based on the thickness of the rubber) probably safer than this case if dropped, but the Brighton Net TPU Case is a great blend of safety and aesthetics, without the niggles that came with the other reviewed items. The darker version I tested compliments the brownish shades of the Desire HD.

Some of these photos were taken with a flash and some without.

Of the 5 cases I’ve reviewed so far, this is my favorite.

The price was ¥ 1280. ($15. / £10. / € 11.4)

Contents without Packaging and Rear Side

Contents without Packaging and Front side

Top diagonal view of phone front with case
Brighton Net TPU Case Packaging
View of Phone with case from front
View of empty case on its back
Side view to show that case covers and protects phone camera lens surround
Side front angle to show the minimal rise of case around the screen
Diagonal top view of empty case on its front
Side view showing Phone volume rocker viewable through case
Phone with case - rear side
Perspective view of phone showing flushl casing around the screen
Inside view of empty case
Case contents without packaging - different lighting
Top edge view of casing around earpiece speaker grill
Flat perspective view along phone screen

Closeup of Flash, Camera lens and Speaker grill cutouts

Inside view of empty case bottom

Inside diagonal view of the whole empty case

Diagonal view of back of empty case

Close up side shot of screen and minimal case wall around screen

Close up of casing around earpiece speaker

Side angled view of casing around camera lens

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