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Wave Launcher - Android launcher

A review of Wave Launcher for Android, By MobileMerit

MobileMerit, the creator of Wave Launcher, was kind enough to send me a copy of Wave Launcher, so I thought I’d review it.

So what is Wave Launcher? Did I like it? And on a more personal note, would I use it?

Having been a huge fan and enthusiast of Windows Mobile and Android – I’m no stranger to swapping out launchers, trying home screen replacers, and using different types of user interfaces.

Wave Launcher is different though because it is a launcher, yet it works with any or all of the above launchers installed and stays out of the way until you need it.

Wave Launcher in action

As the name suggests and as you can see above, the launcher is in the style of a wave (of which you can make any color) which follows your finger until you release to open the highlighted app, folder or widget you desire. It’s all very smooth and easy to use.

How powerful is it? Well here is a quote from the official documentation:

‘Wave Launcher is the ultimate add-on launcher available for Android! With a single swipe, you can launch up to 120(!) of your favorite apps, shortcuts and recently-used apps regardless of which app is currently running. Wave Launcher is accessible anytime, anywhere!.’

You can choose where you would like Wave Launcher to start from. Maybe you prefer to swipe up from the bottom or swipe from the left or right side. You can also adjust that gesture area’s size and location.

Wave Launcher - Calibrate gesture area

I’m quite fussy I suppose because I like my home screen icons exactly where I can quickly access them, but I don’t like clutter. This is one of the nice things about Wave Launcher, as it stays out of sight until I need it, and it works on top of all other apps.

After calibrating your wave gesture, it’s time to choose which apps, shortcuts, folders or widgets you would like to link to.

Choose what to link to

In the example above I’ve chosen to link to a few apps I like to have handy if I quickly need to enter time-saving information in a hurry (photos, audio record, written notes, screenshots,) plus my contacts and phone dialer which I can access regardless of which other apps I have open at the time. This way I can have my home screen setup for fun but the wave gives me quick access to my occasional but important on-the-fly apps.

Now I’d like to change the color of the wave to suit my home screen. This is really easy.

This is the default color.

Color settings window

Here is a lighter and more transparent wave setting.

lighter and more transparent

It works perfectly well and looks good with Live wallpapers too.

working with live wallpaper

Maybe you prefer more color and maybe you’d like to remove the Wave Launcher icon too.

Wave Launcher working without main icon

You might be surprised to know that Wave Launcher supports widgets.

Works with widgets

And folders.

Wave Launcher working with folders


I really like Wave Launcher. It’s very convenient, almost secretive, stylish and customizable. I like having it and I use it especially for those occasional, but important icons, which I don’t want taking up my home screen. It works in landscape mode too.
If you’re a power user, you’ll probably want this app. If you are curious, I recommend you go to Google Play and try Wave Launcher and see for yourself. It’s a powerful app for a very small price of $1.99.

To find out more detailed information about this app, please see the extra information provided by MobileMerit below.

To see Wave Launcher in action visit MobileMerit’s YouTube page.

Google Play Link Removed – Wave Launcher no longer appears on Google Play.


Wave Launcher v1.8 - Widgets
Video Description: Wave Launcher v1.8 - Widgets

Extra information provided by MobileMerit.

  • Wave Launcher can hold up to 12 items. An item can be a user app/shortcut/widget/recent app/plugin/folder.
  • A folder can contain up to 10 items, meaning Wave Launcher can hold a total of 120 items!
  • Wave Launcher works from within any app, on top of any home-replacement app. No exceptions.
  • Each item / folder / item-in-folder, can have a custom icon. Any ADW theme icon is supported, as well as any image from the gallery / sd-card.
  • It is important to go through the Calibrate screen at first run, and set the gesture-area size to 20%, to prevent interference with the virtual keyboard or other apps.
  • Wave Launcher supports built-in plug-ins and third-party plugins. (First third-party plugin was developed by Contapps).
  • It has a built-in app-drawer which can be accessed from the wave or by long-pressing the gesture-area (Can be customized via “Long-press action” setting).
  • The notification-action can be customized as well via “Notification action” (Most useful are enable/disable Wave Launcher, or enable/disable Recents mode).
  • Almost any aspect of the UI can be customized, wave colour, label, label background colours, enable/disable label. Custom LED for user-apps/recent-apps and more.
  • Wave Launcher is designed for high-performance, and being friendly to your battery-life, and memory.
  • We take customer support very seriously. Most e-mails are answered within a couple of hours. Never more than 24 hours. A lot of features have been added following user-requests.

Some of the greatest features that people often miss:

  • Using folders. Folders are extremely easy to navigate. Folders can have custom icons and custom names. (See the latest video demonstrating widgets, but also, how to open a folder).
  • You can edit the order of items on the wave by pressing MENU -> Re-order in the Edit Wave screen.
  • You can edit the order of items in a folder, by selecting a folder in the Edit Wave screen, and pressing MENU -> Edit folder.
  • Wave Launcher can work in “Recents-mode” to display 12 recently-used apps.
  • The app-drawer. It’s very functional, long-pressing an app gives additional options.

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