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The Computer Mouse is a computer/tech blog. Our writers share computer tips, apps, and news you can use. If you’d like to write some original content, get in touch. Welcome to the computer mouse.

From now on

On the premise that blogging is a journey, not a destination: As well as posting computer, app, and news you can use articles; we’ll be updating you with any blogging thoughts, steps, and technicalities experienced as we move forward.

If you’re into computers or blogging and would like to help out, be sure to leave a comment here and there.

A bit about Grant

‘I’m a British guy from the UK living in Japan. I’ve probably been addicted to computers since Windows XP. If I’m ever in a coma in hospital, just put a computer next to my bed, put my hands on the keyboard, and chances are I’ll wake up!’

A bit about you?

If you write some articles for us, we can introduce you here and via your author page.


Again, welcome to the computer mouse, and if you fancy writing some original computer-related content, contact us.

Thank you,

Grant Barker

Grant Barker - Welcome to The Computer Mouse

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