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Welcome to the new look

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Welcome to the new look, and thanks for visiting. It was time to switch to WordPress! In the coming weeks, they’ll be some adding, updating, and revising of posts, and some archiving of old content. There’ll also be some tweaking of settings, visuals, and what have you.

Why change?

As a computer enthusiast, I love to talk about computers, share ideas back and forth with others, and continue to evolve online. Hopefully, a fresh new look and feel to this blog will help with that.

Why WordPress?

There were two reasons for switching to WordPress. First, WordPress uses themes that you can adjust to your liking, and are hopefully appealing to more people compared to my old site style. Second, before, it was necessary to add keywords to the search database. Now, WordPress handles that automatically.

It’s about time!

It’s a bit late to join the WordPress party now. However, it has been fun learning to tinker with HTML and CSS up to this point. If you want to blog more regularly nowadays, though, WordPress is the way to go.


Thanks for your support.
Reach out and let’s work together. Leave a comment here and there, too.

Grant Barker

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